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TERMS AND CONDITIONS ,offers its clients cooperation on mutually beneficial conditions. Before you register at the Company's official website, please read the General Provisions of participation in the system and obtaining profit.

1. General Provisions

1.1. According to the Rules of, only the persons of age in accordance with applicable legislation of the country of residence, but not those younger than 18, may take part in the investment program.

1.2. The Company's website is available only for authorized users and persons invited by such users personally, herewith each deposit is considered a private transaction between the Company and its member.

1.3. Participation in the investment program of the Company is on anonymous basis. The Company is not authorized to transfer personal data of its members to the third party. Registration procedure at the website of, does not foresee submission of any documents identifying the person of a participant.

1.4. By agreeing with the Rules of the Company you agree that all information, correspondence and data obtained from are provided without a request and are considered private, confidential and protected from disclosure. Moreover, information, correspondence and materials contained herein are not considered to be an offer or request of investing funds.

1.5. By agreeing with the present Rules you confirm your participation in the investment program of the system and you invest funds voluntarily and consciously.

2. Rights and Obligations of the Parties

2.1. The rights of a, member:

each participant of, system has a right to register at the website while creating not more than one account;

participants of investment program have the right to transfer their own funds via payment facilities offered at the website;

a participant may open one or more deposits and credit them with their own funds;

a participant has a right to take part in special offers and contests carried out within the framework of the program;

a participant has a right to invite other participants by using referral links as well as obtain a profit for this activity.

2.2. Responsibilities:

a participant shall use payment tools offered at the Company's official website to deposit and withdraw money funds;

a participant shall use exclusively legally obtained money funds to deposit his/her own account;

a participant shall not transfer to the third party any data received from and provided in the system.

2.3. Rights of

the Company has a right to block a participant's personal account if there is a suspicion of illegal activity or a special query from law enforcement authorities is obtained;

the Company may refuse the registration of personal account or block it if there are confirmed attempts of afflicting damage to the Company; in addition the Company reserves the right to confiscate or return deposited funds in order to cover the damage afflicted by the said activity;

the Company reserves the right to make amendments to the existing Rules with timely notification of its members.

2.4. undertakes:

to provide safety and confidentiality of the data received from potential participants;

to make accruals in time and in full scope in accordance with the Company's investment program;

to provide proper functioning of the system and garantee the participants permanent access to accounts.

3. Obtaining Income:

3.1. All the funds earned within the scope of the program are accrued in accordance with the rates and conditions defined in participant's investment plan.

3.2. A participant increases a deposit amount if necessary or if desired.

3.3. One may close a current deposit not earlier than its expiration date and the initial deposit is an indispensable part of the said deposit.

4. Settlement Payments:

4.1. All the funds credited by the participants are to be immediately accrued to the personal account balance. There is no additional commission for the present funds apart from the commission initially presupposed by the payment system.

4.2. All the money transactions are made in a single currency of investment program, namely in USD.

4.3. All the money transactions are made in correspondence with details provided in the process of registration of the participant's personal account., Administration is not liable for data adequacy provided during registration procedure and for accruals carried out according to improper payment details.

4.4. All the money transactions are made to electronic wallets belonging directly to a participant.

5. Affiliate Program

5.1. Each participant is assigned his/her own unique referral link, using which (s)he is affiliated to the account of the person who has invited him/her and a referral link for the participant (s)he has invited.

5.2. The amount of partner commission depends on the amount of a deposit and is accrued immediately after this deposit is opened.

6. Copyright

6.1. Contents as well as graphics and attachments at the official website of, are the Company's property.

6.2. Links to the website or quotation of the official Company's website contents are to be accompanied by the note on intellectual property rights.

6.3. Copying as well as further use of contents of the official website is permitted only provided that a preliminary agreement was received from the website administration.

7. Liabilities

7.1. Failure to comply with the aforementioned rules and provisions defined by the website administration leads to restriction of access, full or partial blocking of the participant's personal account, in which case the balance of a participant, including his/her bonus and referral funds available at the time of breach, is not reimbursed.

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